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UK Tech Growing Fast

Tech Nation has recently release its annual tech report. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of the UK’s tech industry, exploring the drivers that underpin and power economic growth within the tech sector.

UK is #1

Uk is the top country in Europe and is expanding its lead in the rest of the world.

2.93M Tech Jobs

The tech sector grew 40% in the last two years. 9% of the national work force.

£10.1bn Investment

A record of 10.1B invested in the UK tech sector.

6x Increase

digital tech grew 6 times faster than any other industry.£104bn in 2010 to £149bn in 2018, +43% in eight years

Fintech Investment

Fintech remains the UK’s largest tech investment sector with a 100% rise from 2018.

95 Top Companies

The UK is home to 95 companies valued at between $250-$800m in 2019 – the most ever on record.

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