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Experienced Coach

For more than two decades, Macalin Abdallah has mentored thousands of students to move closer to a better way of living, reaching and full-filling their goals.

As Imamu Shafi’i said, I truly believe in the power of mentorship. Having a mentor is one of the essential requirements to succeed in life and obtain knowledge! By seeking a coach or a mentor, we get a short cut to information that only experience can reveal. This allows to shorten the timelines, avoid mistakes and reach your goals much faster.

Reconfigure Your Subconscious

He truly believes that you can create and design the life you want because he has been able to do so. He enjoys helping other people unlock their potential and create skills by making a strategic mindset shift.

The coaching sessions enables you to re-configure your subconscious system for success to create the life you desire and develop into a better version of you.

"We are not the product of our circumstances. we are the product of our decisions"

over 20 years of Coaching experience