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About Macalin Abdallah

Early Years

Abdallah born and raised in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. He attended the elementary, middle and secondary school Howlwadaag in the city of Mogadishu.

At very young age, he was a student of knowledge in the masjid circles by leading Somali scholars. He learned from best contemporary Somali scholars including Sh. Nur Ali Ahmed, Sh. Sharif Abdi Nur, Sh. Mohamed Nur Al-Qawi, Sh. Abdukadir Nur Farah, Sh. Mohamud Siigaale.

He moved to London in 90s to pursue higher education. He was trained as a computer scientist and  holds bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of East London. While he was studying at the UEL, he was the elected leader of Islamic Society at University of East London.

Teaching Journey

In arabic, Moalim means a teacher. His father ‘Macalin Maxamud’ was a great and prominent teacher, hence that’s how he acquired the name. So does he. In Arabic, they say “Whoever resembles his father does not commit zulm or sin!”. Therefore, teaching is part of Macalin Abdallah’s DNA.

He started teaching from a very young age. He delivered many lectures at Masjid circles in different cities Migadishu, Jeddah and London. It was 1998 when he started to provide private IT lessons to small group of students at the Camden High school. In 1999, he started another teaching session at Lewisham Community Centre.

In 2001, he founded GlobalNet, a community based institution that managed to train thousands of students in modern technology. Through his training, Abdallah found a revolutionary way to provide modern IT training to thousands of students around the world.. 

Community Builder

 Macalin Abdallah has become community builder by establishing a groundbreaking institution that is pipelining Somali youth with no prior IT knowledge into the booming technology sector. 

After 10+ years in public office, he left his job at NHS as an IT consultant, to work towards human capacity building and education.

He invented simple yet highly-impactful original ideas to the field of education, training and technology within the Somali community. His model for ‘Learn by doing’ approach, flexible timetable and creative mentoring program helped thousands of students to unlock new possibilities and join the fast-growing tech sector in UK and around the world.

Success Story

Macalin Abdallah has more than two-decades long track record of successfully training and empowering the Somali youth in UK and he has made a big difference. Macalin Abdallah has been able to impart exceptional problem-solving skills, motivational mindset, human development and management skills to his students and clients.

Today, GlobalNet is a household name in UK and around the world, praised for empowering Somalis through convenient and affordable access into the tech sector.

Many of Macalin Abdallah’s students managed to secure highly-paying IT jobs with world-renowned organisations such as 10 Downing Street, NHS, London Councils, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Stanley Morgan, Snapchat, UCL, HSBC, Barclays, Dell, IBM, VMware, BT, London Ambulance, Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Bank of England, MacAfee, Central Bank of Somalia, Dubai Islamic Bank, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), WarnerMedia, University College London (UCL), Imperial College, Cambridge University, Fujistu, Sony and other well-known companies.

Giving Back

There is no greater joy than giving back!

He donates part of his time at pro-bono speaking events, participating in inspiring and mentoring programs. As a teacher, he believes the inspiration is an education.

As an academic person, the best way to give back is to splash light on untapped and underprivileged potential. For that reason, he has created this site to host valuable digital content that helps and empowers the young generations around the world.

Also, he is a regular supporter of Alpha Trust, a charity that transformed thousand of lives and helped many underprivileged people in the poorer communities.








Media Mention

The news of the success and achievement of his service went viral and being featured on national Somali TVs. He  frequently appears on  Universal Somali TV and some other well-known channels such as HCTV, SNTV and Somali Cable TV.

He also participates in international radios such as Somali BBC, VOA  and online media to comment on technology issues, cybersecurity, business, Islamic issues and other relevant topics.


Abdallah has started this blog as a platform to give you the direction, clarity, courage and tools do develop your life and focus on your success. His blog is focused on to share his personal journey, experiences and lessons learned. His ultimate goal is to enable you to identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that holds you back.

This site will produce articles and videos on productivity, time management, goal settings, career changes, technology and Abdalla’s outlook and opinion on important events, places and people around our lives.


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Special Thanks

Many people were part of Macalin Abdallah’s teaching journey. Any journey, including the teaching one, opens up a place for reflections, thoughts and discussions. Macalin Abdallah thanks for his family, students, colleagues in the media and other fields, editors, motivators for their continuous support in this journey of building and supporting the community.

His special thanks goes to his co-teachers, assistants, lab mentors, media producers, web developers who supported him the most difficult times in his journey of teaching and mentoring. Their support for this long journey is indispensable for the success of this project. Without their support, this success would not have been accomplished.


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