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Technology Trainer

I believe that the human capital is the best asset. Thus, I’m passionate about training and educating people to maximise their potential. We are specialist in technology.

Life Coacher

Personal growth is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness and knowledge and improving personal skills. In short, personal dev

IT Consultant

Leveraging my vast experience both in technology and business, I’m in a unique position to help companies to bridge the gap between the business and technology.


As a experienced motivational speaker, Macalin Abdallah delivers his speeches in a unique and charismatic way that inspires and appeals to the wider audience.

About Macalin Abdallah

Abdallah Moalim Mohamud is world-renowned teacher, technologist consultant, social entrepreneur, motivational speaker  and community leader.

He invented simple yet highly-impactful original ideas to the field of education, training and technology within the Somali community. Macalin Abdallah, not only helps students understand what’s happening in the digital world, but he visualises future trends and inspires people to take leading roles in defining the future they want to see.

Abdallah has been able to impart exceptional problem-solving skills, motivational mindset, human development and management skills to his students and clients.

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